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Why Ethos?

The philosopher Aristotle identified three forms of human persuasion:

Ethos:   one's credibility and authority
Logos:   the application of facts and logic, and
Pathos:   the emotional dynamic of a given argument

All are essential, but without ethos - or credibility - words have no power. That's why Ethos Business Law delivers senior-level experience, and a commitment to earn your trust. But that's only the beginning. Ethos is a new kind of law firm, with services built around your needs, not ours. With Ethos on your side, you'll change the way you look at legal service.
Legal Services for Today's Business World.

Business has changed. Dramatic fluctuations in economic and market dynamics are causing companies to become more efficient and streamlined. In such an environment, technological sophistication and proven talent are invaluable. Likewise, superior risk mitigation strategies are essential. Aggressive, astute legal counsel is no longer something required only when things go wrong. Today, smart market leaders demand proactive, business-focused legal guidance from the beginning.
A Different, Evolved Law Practice.

Ethos Business Law provides a fresh, innovative approach to high-quality business legal service, without the inherent overhead of other options. Ethos gives you the benefit of significant legal experience combined with comprehensive business insight - when and where you need it most.

Rather than "practicing law" in the traditional sense - Ethos Business Law provides growth-driven companies with legal counsel that's responsive, relevant and results-driven. Instead of "fixing problems" at an hourly rate, Ethos is immersed in your business, identifing opportunities earlier, minimizing legal risk and providing practical, cost-effective solutions.